Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Buying a "New" Car

I like to purchase cars that are a few years old and try to get the most recent body style. You can really save a lot of money here because most of the depreciation value has dropped off considerably already. You also get the feel of a new car and a possible existing warranty if you buy one new enough. I usually like to keep the miles under 40,000 if possible which dramatically reduces future repairs and helps resale value.

Here are my basic requirements for a new car:
  • Price range: $17000-25000
  • Driveable in winter
  • Sporty, fast and classy
  • Reliable
  • Good resale value
  • Good gas mileage
I have been researching for months now and I have come upon a few cars that fit the requirements:
My first two choices are the Infinity and Nissan, both of which are RWD and I need to be able to drive them in winter. Each can be bought with traction control which makes them much more possible to get around when it's snowy. The Audi's are very nice cars and I would be very happy with either of them, the benefit of AWD is a major perk. The Cobra is really out of my price range and not too practical in the winter so it is basically out of the running, although it is a monster as far as performance.

I find a lot of my information on Kelly Blue Book, MSN Autos and Edmunds. I use Autotrader typically to find the cars and will look around car-specific forums for opinions and comments on the specific models.


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