Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How to be Happy

Be Optimistic
  • Look at everything in a positive light and you will be happier. It is tough to do sometimes but once you get in the right mindset, it just comes natural. Plus, everyone likes being around a positive person.
Gain Perspective
  • See where your life is going and change the direction if need be. Don't let the little things stop you from getting to your goals and dreams.
Be Thankful
  • Show some appreciation to those in your life and you will feel good about yourself. A simple "thank you" can go a long way.
Enjoy Life
  • Do things you enjoy doing or take up a new hobby. A change in pace is never a bad thing.
Take Care of Yourself
  • Eat well and exercise. You will feel 10x better if you eat healthy and exercise, I notice a huge difference. It also can boost your self-confidence.
Change Your Schedule
  • Get out of your same routine, try something new and exciting. Take a day off work, try a new type of food or hobby.
Keep in Touch With People
  • Contact an friend that you haven't talked to in a while. Keep in touch with the people you in your life, you have to make the effort as much as they do for it to work.
Find a Significant Other
  • Talking with someone you love can give you a real boost. If you establish a good relationship, keep making it better and the unconditional love will give you security and confidence.
  • Forgive someone for something that was said or done, you can't change the past or what happened now. Maybe you were hurt by an ex but they meant something to you at one point in your life so maybe it's time you forgive them.


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