Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Investors/Businessmen I would like to meet

Warren Buffet
  • A very successful investor and businessman. He started with $10,000 and is now worth over $40 Billion, the second richest under Bill Gates. He did it all mostly through investing and owns the firm Berkshire Hathaway.
    • I may be meeting him in April through a student organization at my college, I am crossing my fingers because only 25 people are going to be able to go!! This is the chance of a lifetime!!

Jim Cramer (of Mad Money)
  • A unique guy that is the star of the show Mad Money on CNBC. He is a little crazy but very intelligent. I wouldn't take everything he says seriously but he has some great ideas for trends and picks.
Eddie Lampert
  • Often called "The Next Warren Buffet", this graduate from Yale was a member of the skull and bones society. He runs a hedge fund called ESL Investments that averages around 29% a year, which is incredible. He is a value investor like Buffet but hasn't been around as long so it's tough to say he is the next Buffet. His returns have been remarkable so we'll have to see what he does in the future, regardless he is a very successful investor and businessman.
Donald Trump
  • Quite an interesting guy and entrepreneur. He has great business ideas and is a hard worker. He is a little too straight forward and egocentric in my opinion but it seemed to work for him very well. Needless to say, he would be an interesting guy to talk to.


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