Monday, February 27, 2006

Material Things

  • The Lord of War. After watching "Lord of War" featuring Nicolas Cage last night, I discussed the movie with a few friends. The movie is about a arms dealer who becomes extremely wealthy by selling guns to other countries. He eventually marries his dream girl but they never talk about what he does for work. Everything in his life eventually comes crashing down (family, the law, etc) because of the nature of work that he is in.
  • Everything is not always what it seems. After the movie ended, a friend stated "I couldn't imagine having everything and then all of a sudden it is gone." In my opinion, the character never had anything. He had material things like a house, cars, airplanes and a model wife but lacked in every other area. He basically sold arms to countries to promote war and violence. Everything he owned was basically bought with "blood money", it wasn't an honest way of living. He never had any honest relationships, they were all filled with lies and deceit.
  • I don't want to be someone who owns everything and realistically has nothing. I see people all the time with a nice house, nice cars and all the toys. You generally think of these people as successful. Many of these people do not have a dollar to their name and live "paycheck to paycheck". They have huge amounts of debt and if something was to happen, they would lose everything. It could be something as simple as getting your hours cut back at work, an injury or a family emergency that requires you to take time off. Even a Adjustable Rate Mortgage could cause you to lose everything with the interest rates continually rising, causing your mortgage payments to go up.


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