Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Money, Knowledge & Relationships

Money Isn't Everything
  • Knowledge & Relationships. Sometimes the sacrifices you take (less money, your valuable time) can be rewarding in other areas. For example if you take on a job where you actually make less money but plan on establishing key relationships with people, gain invaluable experience or have better opportunities to succeed, you may find yourself better off in the future. Even doing a non-paid internship can give you the experience you need and get you a foot in the door. If you take sacrifices, you may come out on top... BIG.
  • There is more to life then money. I don't believe I would be happier with the more money I have but I also think it can not hurt. The real backbreaker comes from the ways that you obtain money. If you work long hours there is always a trade off; if you work a lot, you spend less time with a significant other, friends, family, etc. It's all about how you spend your time in the end.
    • Maybe you choose to work extremely hard in the first few years of your career, get a few breaks, maybe get a little lucky and then cut back on work and enjoy life more. You now have less worries about your, now strong, financial situation and can do things you enjoy like traveling and spending time with people.
    • Maybe you work just enough to get by and do many of the things you enjoy along the way. You may have more worries than the previous guy but hey, at least you are enjoying life!
  • Broken relationships. Whether you are a saver or a spender, you should NEVER sacrifice relationships with people for more money in your pocket. These people are the ones that help you in times of trouble and vice versa, why would you want to damage them over a few dollars? It's just not worth it.
    • I find that my happiness comes from other people. I am happy when I spend time with friends/family by talking with them, gaining insight, by helping them out and in general just having a good time. No amount of money in my opinion is worth damaging this, after all it is my happiness.


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