Friday, February 03, 2006

The Pitfalls of Money and Power

Careful What You Wish For
"Those who say, "I want to make enough money never to have to think about it again," obviously have no cash flow. The more money you have, the more you worry about it because, after you've stuffed every pillow in your house, you still need to find places to stash your cash. It becomes unmanageable; you can't keep track of all your money, and you worry about which slimeball in your inner circle has his eyes on your children's meal ticket."

This is exactly it and I find myself in the same position. Money takes over people's lives and they get greedy about it. I shoot for the stars but want to be respectable about it. There is no need for me to have a personal airplane or own my own island. I do not wish to own a house over 3000 sq. feet. I would enjoy a house on a lake, a few nice cars and toys (boat, jet skis, etc) and I will feel I have accomplished my financial goals in life. I would enjoy working 20 hours and week and making $100,000 but I am not going to push myself too hard, although I know it's attainable. I realize there is more to life than money and power, for example family, friends and love. I have always valued my friends and family but lacked in the area of love. I had a really great girl and didn't put much effort into the relationship and it folded. Maybe it was both of our faults, I guess it doesn't really matter anymore but I still miss her every single day, but heartbreak is just a part of life. If anyone is looking for any good books or information on meeting people, making friends or having successful relationships - check out Dale Carnegie, David DeAngelo and read daily.


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