Friday, February 03, 2006

Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Start at the top
  • Great family, great morals, great high school, great college = great person? I feel like I have been given chances and opportunities from the top. I am lucky and thankful, that's it. Some people start at the bottom and I have more respect for these people but everyone is unique and you do with what you've been given, even if that means starting from nothing, look at Opera Winfrey.
  • One of my passions. I love school because I am good at it. I find you typically like anything you are good at. I consider myself very successful in college and I want to go to a top B-school for a MBA in the future.
Well-rounded upbringing
  • Not everyone is good at everything. Being a well-rounded, likeable person is who I am striving to be. I have identified my interests, learned more about these subjects and through it all I want to be a nice, considerate and likeable person.
Make contacts
  • Make yourself known. Have an interest in people other than yourself. Go out, meet new people and have fun whenever possible. I have found that if you are genuinely interested in other people and ask them about themselves you have a much better chance of becoming friends with them - so get over your ego and be empathetic for once. Something simple as saying "hello" to someone you have never seen before could change your life. After all, everyone is looking for friends and if they aren't - then they are either inhuman or not important to you anyways.
Make an impression
  • You make an impression on people that notice you everywhere. You don't have to be a great story teller, you don't have to be surrounded by beautiful women - just be whoever you are or want to be and people will love you for it. If you do not like who you are then practice being the person you want to be (without being fake) and someday it will happen, just don't give up. If you want to be more social - put yourself in positions where you have a chance to be. If you want to be more knowledgeable in the area of finance, hang out with people who talk about money.
Find balance with a partner
  • I'll admit it, I am struggling here. I was in a long-term relationship with the same person through high school and most of college. We broke up and I am still having a hard time getting over her. I am not really looking for a serious relationship right now but if someone amazing crosses my path, I definately wouldn't mind.
Recognize a time for change
  • Recognizing change - very IMPORTANT. This falls under every category of your life. Work, school, relationships, family.... If you cannot adapt to change - then start to. Some of the best companies in the world have failed because they didn't realize change. If your relationship takes a turn then be receptive and fix it. Without adapting to change you will lose in the long run everytime. "The times are a changin', something Mr. Burgandy did not understand" - Anchorman.


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