Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Efficiency with Computer Programs

I have some applications that are always open on my computer to save me time throughout the day:

Microsoft Outlook (Calendar)
  • I use this to put all my important dates and tasks in. You can have it notify you so you don't forget. I then have it sync to my iPod and it alerts me on there if I am away from my computer. A PDA or PocketPC would be easier but I do not have one right now.
Mozilla Thunderbird (Email)
  • A great email program! I have set up my three email accounts and Thunderbird checks them all automatically and I don't have to deal with logins or passwords every time I check my email.
Mozilla Firefox (Internet Browser)
  • The best browser in my opinion. It is secure, has tabbed browsing and has some great plugins and extensions so you can do basically anything you need.
Newz Crawler (News Aggregator)
  • A newly found time saver! This neat, little program takes all the news and posts from my frequently viewed websites and puts them all into this program. It saves me hours by not having to browse each website to check what's new.
Quicken (Money Management)
  • Excellent for tracking your finances. It is very powerful and pulls my two bank accounts and brokerage information in, automatically. You can view your portfolio performance, net worth and track your expenses.
iTunes (Music)
  • The best music player that I have found so far. Better than Winamp, Windows Media Player and MusicMatch. It is easy to use and every song is at your fingertips. I put all of my songs in the library and then I create playlists by dragging and dropping. I sync it with my iPod and can also burn CD's from it.
Gaim (Chat)
  • If you have multiple chat programs you use, they can all be combined into this program. I only use AIM but this program is simple and easy to use. My favorite features are the tabbed chat and away message checking in which you just hold the mouse over the user you want to view.


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