Thursday, March 02, 2006

Helping Out Others

I have always believed in helping others out. Sometimes giving to other people can help you more than just simply helping youself or can just make you feel like a good person. I recently have done a few things to help others out, which align with some of the values in my personal mission statement:
  • Refrain from competing and add to other's success.
  • Be interdependent in my relationships with others.
  • Give more and expect less.
I recently had two job offers from two financial companies. I could only obviously choose one offer so the other became worthless to me. I figured if I am not going to be working there, I mind as well try to help out a friend and attempt to get him a job. I forwarded his recommendation and name to the recruiter soon after I declined the job. He eventually got an initial interview and then made it to the second round. He is still waiting to hear about an offer but it makes me feel good to know that I had an impact on possibly getting him a job. Maybe someday he will repay me but that's not what I did it for. It has strengthened my relationship with him and it seems like others view me as more of a giver, both of which are rewarding.


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