Thursday, March 23, 2006

Warren Buffett Trip Approved!

I have just been notified that I was chosen to visit Warren Buffet next month. A group of 30 of us are bussing down to Nebraska to visit two of his companies and to sit and talk with him. I have prepared a few questions to ask him so far:
  • Is it true that you are in the process of writing an autobiography and will it outline some of the investment techniques that you have used over the years?
  • What is your reasoning for keeping Berkshire’s stock price so high? is it to weed out the smaller investors?
  • Do you feel that the market is overvalued and if this is the case would you ever issue a Berkshire dividend or would you use other investment avenues?
  • Could you give us some insight on which way you think the economy is heading?
  • Which investment books/articles/newspapers do you recommend?
I still can't believe it...

If anyone has any questions, please comment.


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