Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why Do I Want To Be Wealthy?

Why do I want to be wealthy?
  • I want to provide for and help others. I want to be someone who friends and family go to for advice and help. I want to be able to provide my family with anything that they deserve. If you feel that your wife deserves a new car and can't provide it for her, then I would personally feel like I am not doing enough.
  • Less worries. Who wants to worry about money all the time? It's just one less thing to worry about in life. Money doesn't make people happy but I feel that it can make people unhappy.
"The deepest human need is to feel appreciated" - William James
Many people have more appreciation for people who are wealthy. I WANT people to look at me as a successful person and many people view success through wealth.

I have appreciation for certain people who have money. People who I have less appreciation for are the people that have ruined others lives, have done immoral things or are greedy just to make a buck. For example in the movie Lord of War, Nicolas Cage is successful and has many material things but I do not respect him or appreciate him more because of the way that he obtained his wealth.


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