Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Everyone Has Flaws

You're not the best at everything. You're not perfect. Deal with it.
  • You may be better at some things then others but you are not the best at everything. If you get the attitude that you are, people may start to dislike you and label you as a know-it-all. I have known a few of these people and it really starts to get annoying when they think they are the best at everything.
Fixing your flaws:
  • Think positively. It's important that you keep a positive attitude throughout the whole process. If you ask others for their opinions you need to be open minded and take it into consideration. If you don't think positively about improving yourself, then what is the point anyways?
  • Identify your flaws. This is the most important step. You may see yourself as something totally different then others do. It is important that you get feedback from others if you want to improve. If they say you are 'too cocky' then don't get angry at them. It's how they see you and maybe it is something you can brush up on.
  • Write them down or remember them. If you have a great memory then that works, if not then jot them down. It's important to keep focus on your goals.
  • Determine if you have improved. You have to have a benchmark to determine if you have improved. If you have noticed certain aspects of your life get better, like relationships for example, this could be a way of determining your gains. You can also ask others if you think you have changed at all and if it was for the better.
  • Continuous improvement. Always continue to improve your flaws and identify other areas you can also improve on. If you think you are perfect, you better check again.


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