Friday, May 12, 2006


A global world.

Without a doubt we are moving to a flat world. China and other countries are producing goods at a fraction of the cost that the U.S. is able to. The internet has unlimited information and provides a connection to the rest of the world. The list goes on and on and globalization is increasing dramatically every day.

How do you survive.
  • Business owners. You need to be aware of globalization and the benefits and risks, and then adapt. If you can produce your product in China more cheaply, then you must, or you won't survive long. Pay attention to changes or opportunities and capitalize on them as quickly as possible. Competition is fierce and you have to stay ahead.
  • Employees. Many jobs are being outsourced to other nations. To avoid or hedge it, you must continually educate yourself and become a more valuable asset in your company. You must realize if your job can be outsourced in 'x' years and if it can you need to change, whether it be a change in your career path or moving up the ladder.
    • Service industry. I think services are key to making a good living or having a job in the U.S. in the future. This involves direct communication with people (something that is very difficult to outsource, as opposed to a product, which can be easily outsourced). I see consulting and other service businesses as very profitable and steady. The nature of these careers involve complex problem solving and customer contact which are both very difficult to complete overseas.
It's going to be a scary future for the U.S.


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