Thursday, October 05, 2006

Eddie Lampert - I Like This Guy's Style

I've posted previously about Eddie Lampert as one of the businessmen I would love to meet. Looking into what he did with the Kmart turnaround, he's good at making money and I like his style. As chairman of Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD), Sears Holdings currently owns Kmart, Sears America and Sears Canada. I believe he is going to keeping strengthening SHLD into the future (somewhat like Berkshire Hathaway's plan).

What I like about Eddie
  • Excellent manager / top-investor
  • He writes to his shareholders quarterly
  • Long-term, value-investing
  • Doesn't pay himself a salary
  • Big thinker / hard worker
With economic indicators showing a slowdown for the U.S., retail is usually safe bet in these times. I'm throwing some money into SHLD for the long-term and can hopefully keep adding to my position later. Lampert will probably be looking at other business targets in the future and I have faith in his ability to make money. Will Eddie be the next Warren Buffett?


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