Thursday, October 19, 2006


What is self-esteem? In a broad sense, self-esteem is the way in which someone sees themselves as positively or negatively. In more depth, it is composed of three parts:
  • Internal locus of control. Defined by your sense of internal "cause-and-effect" and orientation toward your own personal responsibility. It is the degree of control that we feel we have over our own lives. Someone lacking in this area could possibly see life as a series of accidents or things that happen where they feel they have no control.
  • Sense of belonging and acceptance. The degree of which you feel accepted as part of the group and also how much you like and accept yourself. Someone lacking in this area usually has a compulsion to please others.
  • Sense of competence. Relates to how "good at things" you think you are. Someone lacking in this area usually has a need to brag or show off or they give up on things very easily.
If you feel you are lacking in any of the categories, do something to fix it. Read books, find new people to hang out with, do things you are good at or improve on things you aren't, keep a positive attitude and accept responsibility over where your life is going, etc.

If anyone is ever rude or cruel to you, they have low self-esteem for that moment. If they had high self-esteem they would be positive and not have the need to be cruel to you. If you point out someone's low self-esteem, you are doing them a favor. Maybe they didn't realize it and because you said something, they may want to try to fix it.


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