Friday, January 26, 2007

Time for a rant.

I'm only here for one reason, and that's to answer two of life's important questions:

One: Why can't people get tan on their palms? Two: Can good looking Eskimo girls be called hot?

Not to go on a rant here but...

Most people think life sucks and then you die. I beg to differ. Life doesn't suck, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. You may run into a few snags along with way. Your dog dies, you see loved ones die, you owe debt collectors, they take your house/car all the while someone rubs your back telling you everything will be all right, and then your rich parents bail you out again, which is only temporary. Then come the shitty medical problems. Cancer, heart attacks, strokes, broken hips, macular degeneration, allergies, pneumonia, leg stints, arthritis, migraine headaches, hemorrhoids, osteoporosis, muscular sclerosis, that sort of thing. Doctors poke you. Probe you. They tell you they just have to do a "few more tests" and they give you a little orange bottle of pills "for now". Jesus, that sounds like something to look forward to, but you know life goes on, but you better get ready if you think your life is bad already. As a senior citizen, you keep that medical pager around your neck if you fall down and can't get up. Never give up. Fight everything that tries to bring you down.

Lets hypothesize about a scenario of what your life might look like: You follow everything your parents tell you. Go to school, get good grades, stay away from drugs, graduate college and then comes the real world, working 50+ hours in a climate-controlled office cubicle (you better hope you get shotgun on a window seat). You start buying things you really don't need, the big house with wood floors, flat screen televisions, that bangin' stereo system, a little condo that overlooks the ocean, a bread maker that sits like a prop on your kitchen counter for 10 years, and you may even splurge on an automatic can opener. You get home from work maybe cut the grass, clean the house, play with the kids, get chatty with the spouse, have a little dinner then it's off to bed to wake up the next day for a repeat. The years pass with this routine day in and day out. It's not really all that bad because you are used to it. After all it's what you made for yourself.

Truth is you are only a product of your environment. Think about it. Everything you think and do is a compilation of everything that has happened to you and decisions you've made. Choose your decisions in life wisely, everything will change who you are today: the people you hang out with, places you visit, the people you date, the person you marry, the jobs you take, that fancy sports car you drive, the fuc*ing clothes you wear, that shiny ass watch, the money in your wallet, the things you read. Don't sacrifice your character for anything. Don't settle for less then what you deserve, the best. Very few people in your life give a shit about your future and you've already figured out who the important ones are. You are your own responsibility. Laugh at the bastards that say you can't do it, they are the ones who already gave up.


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